Getting non-trade refs to actually do an offer?

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09-04-2006 14:51:35

Hello everyone. I'm pretty new at this, so please excuse me if this has been covered somewhere and I missed it. I've been getting refs for my sites through trading (very cool system, thanks folks!) and also through my website. I've been putting up posters and stuff for my site so I have gotten a lot of yellows for various things through there (like...probably about 30 and I've only had the site running about 3 weeks - w00t). The thing is, only one person has gone green. For everyone who signs up that isn't a trade, I send out a thank you email, let them know about ratetheoffers for help choosing an offer, and tell them to feel free to ask me any questions.

Has anyone had success getting green referrals in this way (or similar)? I'm not sure if these people are doing the offers and the credit just hasn't come through yet, because very few reply to my "thank you" email. Any suggestions for what works and what doesn't? I refuse to beg the people for greens, but I'd like to encourage them in a favourable direction. Your thoughts?


12-04-2006 10:06:22

i think the banner method yields 1 green per 1000 signups, but it may even be fewer than that. I have a few who signed up thru having my links in signatures for discussion boards and I just send them a nice email and describe my success to get them to do an offer and suggest they get their friends to help them. this has worked for 1 person, about 5 others havent emailed me back. of course I thank them as well )


12-04-2006 18:30:32

argh, 1 in 1000? One of my very first "free" referrals went green, so I thought it was going to work well...


I have 21 yellows for xbox360s, and no greens. The clock is ticking...

I'm just not willing to trade for that site because 10 referrals in the time remaining might screw me over for trying to get other sites...and I can get an xbox through TRAINN without worrying about the timing.


20-04-2006 16:05:30

yeah u may want to say screw doing it on freepay. esp since those refs are going for 25-35 right now.
i would do trainn if u can. avoid OC b/c of the OODs.