questions about and aol.

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09-04-2006 11:23:35

for, do i download it, then sign up? because when i did this it said something about charging me 14.95 for the first month and didn't say anything about a free trial.

also, do i do the same for aol? download it, then sign up, then they give me credit? thanks.


09-04-2006 12:06:54

Well, for you sign up, then download. You enter CC info before you sign up.

AOL is the same. Sign up, then download.


09-04-2006 12:15:39

well both times i have tried both of those, it has made me download the stuff first. i don't know, i guess i'll try some more. thanks.


09-04-2006 12:18:11

i don't know, when i try to sign up for it just sends me straight to the download screen. am i doing something wrong?


02-05-2006 22:06:45 creditted me without downloading!

Luckily, because I am on dial up and it would take me my 90 days on Freepay to download that program!


03-05-2006 03:42:29

musy be nice... its been 2 weeks w/o and y credit from both