Okay calmly...

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08-04-2006 07:28:16

Can some one please explain to me why I was banned from this website.?

Screen name ms_drag..

I loggen in today to check my PMs because I had gotten a message...

Im confused because I haven't been rude to ANYONE. I haven't disrespected anyone. I haven't cheated anyone. I haven't said anything offensive.

Very confused to why this has happened...

Maybe there was an mistake ...please explain this to me.

If their is something against me. I would like to know what.


08-04-2006 08:08:10

Also if anyone needs to reach me my AIM

is msbruis3r (also the email is msbruis3r[at]aol.com

Especialy you, unknown uchiha. you were supposed to be done doing your offers by today.