I did IT!!!!! Which prize would you get?

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07-04-2006 14:20:36

I just completed get6friends and notcied also they added some prizes tot he mixture.... Let me know which one you would get for your personal use

Palm Pilot w/ Wi-fi and E-mail access
275.00 Paypal
300.00 Amazon (saw some things i could get)
XBOX 360 (Would sell it..im a sony guy)
7'' LCD DVD player...looks cheezy

Help me out!


07-04-2006 14:32:31

i'd go for the amazon unless you can get more for xbox in cash. no paypal fees (unless you have option for check). you can always buy a pda or dvd player if you want one from amazon.


07-04-2006 14:36:48

that si what iw as thiking about


07-04-2006 15:12:01

I would get the 360, or the amazon cert you can get pretty much everything there.

So I guess this means I didn't go red for you lol.


07-04-2006 15:27:04

you mean green?


07-04-2006 16:52:34

I would get the paypal and use it to get greens lol


07-04-2006 17:48:12

get6friends has yet to ship one xbox 360 so I would take that out of the equation

go for paypal or amazon


08-04-2006 03:55:28

O man... thank you for the heads up... LOL

Why havnt the shipped any yet?


08-04-2006 08:14:09

yeah i would do the 360 if they were going to ship it. there is no problem with having 2 different game boxes... or 5