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03-04-2006 20:13:25

I wanted to do this site due to the recent posts in the brag bag but since the new Trading rules got established, how can we get refs for such sites....Also is the site good at crediting, does it still have the offer for a 2k check?

Any other info on this site would be greatly appreciated....


03-04-2006 20:39:09

You can join the Conga that we have in the DIY forum for this site, but since they now require 2 refs, you can only get 1 from this Conga.

As for crediting, when you intially do the offers, they will credit exactly 7 days later. Any others you have to complete due to non-crediting will credit the next day.

It actually offers the Plasma TV and nobody heard anything about the cheques until this afternoon. shrug


03-04-2006 21:43:03

Thx again TSJ, I think i'm going to join that conga tomorrow, I want that 2k sooooo badly...Plasma would be cool too....