Same computer credit question

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01-04-2006 12:54:24

I posted this in another thread, but I don't think it will get viewed very much, so here goes.

A few friends of mine have signed up for an offer using my computer, since they don't have a computer. I have realized this is most likely why they haven't received credit for their offers, and will cause IP problems. If they were to cancel their offers (not to scam the company, they are legitamently interested), then re-sign up for those same (or even different) offers at library computers, for instance, would this be okay with freepay? It doesn't seem too suspicious to me, and I'm really not trying to walkthrough people, as they have done different offers.

If this isn't possible, would freepay be willing to disreguard these offers instead of penalizing me and putting me on hold forever?

Perhaps the almighty Jake can clarify?


01-04-2006 15:25:38

I replied in the other thread but I'll reply here also.

If this has already happened, then your best bet is to either open a support ticket and ask them or PM Jake and see if he can help you out.

Offers are presented to you on a first time customer basis, so if one of your friends signs up for Blockbuster on your computer (or anywhere else for that matter) he is then excliuded from doing said offer again. If he does do the offer again then he can either have his credit revoked from the site he did it on and/or he can have his accounts placed on hold.

Cancelling offers (of which we don't talk about on here) won't make a difference to your/his/their eligablity to do the offer again.

As for your penulitimate question, depending on the situation they may remove your credit, not give you credit and let you do another offer. Or they may justput your account(s) on hold.