for some reason im still banned from home HELP!

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30-03-2006 20:29:14

Ok heres the deal, I was temp-banned a little over a week ago for "inflamatory comments" (callin someone a bad name) and it was lifted on monday. I went home and tried to log in but it still took me to the same page before saying i ws banned for a week. I asked a friend to try and log into my account and he was able to. I can log in from anywhere except for my house! I have tried everything from clearin my cookies and restarting my computer to downloading another browser, nothing works! My friend amir89630 has pmed the mods and has recieved no answer and i have even emailed them. I now have to use a proxy to log into the site and was wondering if anyone know what i need to do so i can log in again with Internet Explorer. Thanks!


30-03-2006 20:58:36

Try refreshing. shrug


30-03-2006 21:04:39

that was the first thing i did


30-03-2006 21:48:50

Sounds like your IP was banned but not unbanned.

/me has a look.

Yup that was it. I removed your IP's from the Bantron so you shouldn't have any more problems.


31-03-2006 13:38:39

Thanks a lot tsj!


10-04-2006 08:52:28

hahaha rboyettester ur so bad lol. play nice now children lol.