Which would u pick

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30-03-2006 20:10:53

going to get last referal on get6friends 2night.. dont know which gift to get

Here si what i anrrowed the choices down 2

300.00 Amazon.com (do they have good stuff??)

275.00 Paypal ( 15 more of amazon)

XBOX 360 (they are getting recalled right...) how much they go for if i
decide to sell it)

19 Inch LCD Monator (Already have a 15 Inch Dell)

Help me out guys


30-03-2006 20:36:42

wow, thats a lot of typos. I would get the paypal (although i couldn't quite understand what u were trying to say after it "15 more of amazon" )and get something nice off ebay.


30-03-2006 21:00:05

Amazon if you're gonna buy some regular things, PayPal if you're gonna deposit in your bank or buy some stuff that's not on Amazon.


30-03-2006 21:51:18

i don't get charged tax in my state for amazon and there's free shipping if you order over $25 for some items, so if there's something good that you want, i'd get the amazon. otherwise, i'd go for the $275 paypal. )


31-03-2006 04:15:53

thanx guys


31-03-2006 08:20:02

What kind of 360? I'm assuming core, right? And I'd take the paypal.


31-03-2006 08:40:09

What are you going for, I would take the paypal always, $15 is that much more and with the real money you have a lot more choice...


31-03-2006 11:30:22

Ok.. i dont know.. im goignt o lookw hat si on Amazon right now


31-03-2006 12:12:52

oww... my head...


31-03-2006 12:18:32



31-03-2006 16:04:12

Well considering Pookie hasnt shipped one xbox360 yet I would take that out of the list. The monitor isnt worth but about $225 so take it out.

So it comes down to if you want cash or to go shopping

paypal = cash
amazon = shopping


01-04-2006 17:16:04

You honestly asked if Amazon has good stuff?

Where have you been for the past like 10 years?