Apple 30GB iPod Video White???

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30-03-2006 11:06:44

Im kind of new to all this stuff guys. The site I found at the bottom had this ipod on it. Do any of you know about this site? It gives a good description on this cool ipod. Any information about this site would be greatly appreciated.


Witness the evolution of the revolution. First it played music. Then photos. Then Podcasts. Now iPod plays video to change the way you experience your music and media. It can store up to 7,500 songs, 12,500 photos, and 75 hours of video. All this, and it has a 2.5" colour display. So many features in an even smaller package. Sounds like an iPod.


30-03-2006 11:24:13

Its just an ipod for sale through bidding....the bid has been cancelled it seems...


30-03-2006 13:35:11

It's obvious Juddy was trying to get more bids on his auction. roll


30-03-2006 13:39:37


look at this site!

what a rip off of ebay



30-03-2006 13:42:09

why don't ipods come in other colors??


30-03-2006 13:43:22


look at this site!

what a rip off of ebay


Haha that is aweful...look at this

arrow Link[=http//]Link

A 2gb Nano sold for $55.....I wonder if the guy got it for that cheap shock

[quoted34ae7fa19="loudat239"]why don't ipods come in other colors??[/quoted34ae7fa19]

Buy a skin for it, and you can get just about any color you want