Lost A Green Referral...But Where Did It Go?

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29-03-2006 14:41:45

I had 6 out of 8 greens on my PS3.Freepay account, but i checked today and now it's 5 out of 8?????

I looked to the section of referrals on hold, but its the same. How does somebody go from Green To Yellow???

Somebody explain


29-03-2006 15:12:32

talk to customer support, they'll fix it up


29-03-2006 16:57:11

this just happened to me too, i was 7/8 and now im 6/8 one of my ref from a while ago went back to yellow.....


29-03-2006 18:04:34

i think it was because of the MusicNow offer. Which is why they went from Green to Yellow


29-03-2006 18:16:12

Yup. Check out the Freepay forum