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29-03-2006 10:26:49

what do you do when you go green for a person and they send you pms confirming your green. then they go yellow for you....and a month later the yellow never went green and they go and tell me that i never did an offer for them and never even went yellow? also what do you do when you have a trader that you go green for and you send them pms and they are still sitting in your outbox for a good month and a half?


29-03-2006 11:19:57

You contact a Mod/Admin like myself with the details and we'll sort it out.

Sounds like you're being lied to. Pm me and I'll sort it out.


30-03-2006 20:41:21


have some pity karma. I feel your sadness, its happens to the best of us.

edit looks like im out of karma for now, i will give u some pity karma later.


31-03-2006 08:42:25

DAMN shock , two back-to-back scams....I feel for ya man cry ....It's a shame people do this....