Free Video Games?

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27-03-2006 15:29:23

I've seen a lot of free video game CONSOLE sites, but I've never seen a free video game software site (for example, PS2 GAMES).
Is there a site that you guys would recommend that's fair and not that difficult to finish and has a good selection of games? Of course, I don't expect it now, but I want Kingdom Hearts II for PS2 once it's out.



27-03-2006 15:45:57 [=http//] - GiftFiesta is the "Ma and Pa" (as i like to call it) of freesites.... they have a guy that credits once every few days, and do everything themselves with no's a great site, and I got my video game within about 15 days from placing order. A+

unknown uchiha

27-03-2006 16:20:07

Plaestation Do sites for money, say about two sites will net you around $50-$60 depending on which sites. Get a Paypal virtual debit, goto Amazon and preorder the thing, and you should get it by Friday =D