Help Please!! I am desprate

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26-03-2006 17:23:05

I really need to know if there is anywhere on the web that I can post my like to my account (For canada) Because I need 5 referals, my friends don't want to sign up and I only have till the 30th of May to complete it or I have to start all over again.. Can someone please help me...... D


26-03-2006 18:07:10

You can post anywhere you like, as long as the place you're posting itallows it, doesn't consider it spam and you're not violating Freepay's TOS.

There isn't a set place just for people to post their ref links (at least I don't think there is) but if there was I can't see that you would get anything from it since everyone else would be doing it also.

You could try donating to this site (contact Admin) and get your link put up on the main page.

unknown uchiha

26-03-2006 21:02:43

Or you could trade with people =P

If you have until May 30th, you can always start a tedious process of creating some website focused on something entirely different (i.e. web technical help/blog layouts/etc) and then around late April start off with like "OH! Check out what I found! A freesite!" kind of situation. It's worked for one of my friends, he ran a Xanga scripts blog Freshman/Sophomore year, and then posted his iPods.Freepay link around the eBay-offer time and got like 20 greens.