I made a big mistake

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23-03-2006 20:48:40

if i had 1 computers, and a friend of mine came over with his laptop and use my internet, he used my ref link and my internet, made an offer and my account has his ref, isnt that against the rules, wat should i do, would they put me on hold, or who should i talk to to fix this?


unknown uchiha

23-03-2006 20:59:28

Sucks for you. What do you mean "if"? The way you're putting it, the incident already happened. The most you can do is talk to the site owner/open a support ticket and cross your fingers. It depends on the network and their leniency.

Most likely, your answer is no.


23-03-2006 21:15:26

so does that mean i cant use any of the Trainn company websites anymore?

unknown uchiha

23-03-2006 22:37:57

Just the site you signed up for. But I'd clarify it with CS before giving up on that site.