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23-03-2006 20:12:55


I have been looking at a few offer sites, and I see some list as many as 4 or 5 different Tickle tests. I have already done 1 Tickle Test in the past, but I was just wondering if I could take a different one and get credit? Or would this be scamming them? Wouldn't want to scam them, so I decided I should ask here first. Thanks!


23-03-2006 20:21:01

if there are multiple offers from the same company, than you can sign on each one once


23-03-2006 20:40:44

what if one did a tickle offer on the trainn site? it says specifically to buy the 12.95 results, so if we did something different, wouldn't that screw up?


23-03-2006 20:44:25

just cancel the other offer. u could always use a differnet email address to sign up for tickle..

unknown uchiha

23-03-2006 21:00:36

No c-word...

You have to first make sure your premium test membership expires. Then something about "clearing cookies" that I heard from Free4Me's owner.


23-03-2006 21:31:09

yea do as many results as you want.

if you are in that premium 7-day trial then you can CANCEL THAT (you aren't signing up for that, just for the tests) and wait for 7-days to be over before you take the next test, otherwise it won't work.


23-03-2006 21:49:43

and for my trainn specific question?


25-03-2006 12:44:56

Ok guys... I have to ask one more time to be sure and concerning specifically about my situation... (because i swear someone doesn't want me to have an ipod)

Ok I did a tickle test called the "Brain Type" one back on 03/12 for $4.95 from orderit4free site (which i cant log onto anymore!). It said I also had a free 7-day premium test membership with it. Anyways...

I want to sign up for the tickle IQ test on 123stuffforfree. it says it cost $12.95.

So, are these consider "different" offers? I definitely don't want to get dq. I can't do many other offers = (

Anyways, the owner at 123stuffforfree says he doesn't know. So, I can't ask him for help on that.

Anyone know a real answer here??


25-03-2006 12:55:56

Yeah, they're different offers. But you have to wait 7 days after your initial tickle tests because it comes with a 7 day premium membership which gives you any test result for free.

And if you want to retrieve your login info for your orderit4free account, you can pm the owner here



25-03-2006 13:09:58

7 days after when i start the trial? so i signed up 3/13... 3/20 would be last day. so i'm good to go? are u positive? i don't want to get dq.. then i'm going to have to cry or something.

(ok i pm orderit4free, but i kind of gave up since he wont answer my aim. i'm not as worthy!)



25-03-2006 14:27:45

I think it would be 7 days AFTER you've finished the trial of one test. That way things have time to clear. I wouldn't take any chances being DQ'd.