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23-03-2006 08:18:30

anyone else doing this site? Anyone having problems getting credit?

I have about 30 referrals.. of about only 3 are green, and 6 are pending.. all the rest are "offer not completed" even though they did do an offer. Its been 4 days and some of the pendings are still not green.

I read that after 48 hrs if there had been no credit issued.. there wouldn't be.

is someone sitting at a pc deciding who gets credit, or is this automated? I'm confused. I sent in a support ticket.. but no answer yet.


23-03-2006 08:23:12

yeah good luck with that....i quit the site after 7 of my referrals that completed an offer got reset...


23-03-2006 12:04:31

Its a person for now. A single person. Soon to be automated.


24-03-2006 18:46:25

[quotef83a769955="ghondi"]Its a person for now. A single person. Soon to be automated.[/quotef83a769955]

yea, i'll let my mom know she needs to get her act together.. start crediting people and stop playing solitaire..


24-03-2006 19:43:21

i did the ebay offer and did everything in one night but I still never got credit, that was like two weeks ago shrug .....


24-03-2006 21:44:45

i did this site and got credited quick and everything, i even completed it and got my $50 gift card, i am also working on thisipodnanoisfree, tose greens are taking much longer to green so i see its slowing down, hopefully they do automate it soon


25-03-2006 09:05:04

All offers are supposed to credit in 48 hours and if it doesn't just send in a support ticket.