So what constitutes "signing up?"

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22-03-2006 20:55:12

In the course of doing research, I think that I have entered my email/shipping information for a number of different sites in order to view the content of the site. Does this constitute "multiple accounts" or is an account not actually created until I follow the email link sent to me to verify the account. I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere on this forum (I did look for a similar thread, though).


22-03-2006 20:59:15

If you entered your email address, password, and filled in shipping information... then you're signed up. At least Freepay sites do not send validation e-mails, they just send a welcome e-mail. DO NOT attempt to signup at those sites again unless you want to be DQ'd.

I've heard of people signing up to check things out, but not doing anything, then later creating a "real" signup and using that one. I wouldn't try it without opening a support ticket first to let them know which account to delete. You might also PM Jake here who works for Freepay (assuming the sites you're referring to are Freepay sites).


22-03-2006 21:08:57

Not freepay, mainly DIY sites actually. I tried emailing IOG twice to ask them about it, but so far (5+ days) no response. I was asking mainly because I spent so much time researching different sites that I am not sure which ones I entered info into and which ones I didn't. Of course, now I know better.