Hey guys Im New and Need Some Help Please.

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22-03-2006 18:11:50

Hey Guys,,,And Girls....Im Pretty new to this stuff and at first i actually thought it was a scam but now that ive seen that so many of you have gotten these for free i was Wondering if i could please get some help. i dont really know what to do but refer People. If you could help me out please Get me a "green" i think you call it. I willl provide my referal Link. But please Help me out for this one time while i try to figure out how to do this...Thank you very much.D


22-03-2006 18:22:49


I had to edit the referral link out of your post because we don't allow referral links here. We actually have a system in place that makes it easy to get referrals (or "greens") by trading for them, so the only place you can post your ref link is in our trading module or via private message (PM).

Please take a few minutes to read the Rules, the FAQ, and The Newbie's Guide to Trading. The freebie scene isn't quite as free as it's advertised to be, but if you read those three documents and stick around, you'll get the iPod (or whatever it is you're after) for way less than your friends could.

If you still have questions, just keep asking.


28-03-2006 16:26:24

You can head over to the Trading Post. You could make a post there saying that you need greens for a particular site and ask if anyone is interested. You should also specify how much you are willing to pay (if you are paying for the greens). Good luck!