Offers that advertise bonus gifts with sign ups

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20-03-2006 22:22:02

I'm talking about offers such as Auto Vantage, which offers $40 in gas. How long do these sites typically take to send you your bonus gift? Do you have to do anything special to claim these gifts? Thanks


21-03-2006 07:25:56

well if u read the TOS for each of those programs, most have changed what they used to do. back when I was doing DIY sites in 2002 I could sign up, send for the card and then realize I didnt like the service and get the bonus item after I was no longer a member. Most of the sites now require you to be a member when they get and process your bonus item voucher. so, if u like the service and stay on you will get the item.
that answer your question?
EDIT also, some of those places will split the free gift up - so you will have to send in 4 $10 vouchers over the course of a year, etc.