tickle question

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19-03-2006 20:34:52

can u do more than one of these and get credit? obviously not the same offer. can u do it on the same type of site? (do 2 on 2 different freepay sites, etc.)
thanks )
like tickle iq and tickle zodiac

unknown uchiha

19-03-2006 21:50:36

Yes, you can. You just have to make sure your premium test membership is not currentely running when you do another one.


19-03-2006 21:54:44

you have to wait 7 days b4 doing each offer.


19-03-2006 22:37:40

can someone do those other tickle ones (zodiac..etc.) on the trainn sites as well?


20-03-2006 08:58:09

thanks guys ) + karma

unknown uchiha

20-03-2006 09:30:31

Someone said that if you wanted to do it in a getgo, just clear your cookies after your premium test membership is deactivated. Haven't tried that so don't know if it works but a site owner told me that.


20-03-2006 20:11:10

thanks ) + karma D