what is a conga?

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19-03-2006 18:14:46

I've been on RTO, and everyone is always linking a conga site. How do they work. Im not really able to figure it out. Is it anything like trading?


19-03-2006 18:18:54

Conga lines have never worked for me. You have to signup for the person at the top of the list. After you signup as their referral, you are put on the bottom of the conga list. Once that person gets all of his/her greens, he/she is removed from the list and the next person on the list is moved up. In theory, you will eventually get to the top of the list and get all your greens.


19-03-2006 18:19:29

A conga is basically where you complete an offer under someone, and then once they complete the site, you move up one spot on a chain of people. Congas can be scams. Congas are illegal here at FiG and I recommend you stay with trading, being as that it is safer and less scammish.


20-03-2006 16:59:59

how many people are on a list?


20-03-2006 17:15:43

a bunch, which is why they never really work


20-03-2006 17:54:21

If you get in the first or second spot on a conga they can be awsome. However they almost never make it past like the 5th spot so there usually not worth it.


20-03-2006 18:09:01

Congas take pyramid schems and put them in another pyramid scheme, lol.

lose lose. Usually most conga lines have site admins friends or somebody they know 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

So they all get greens everyone else gets the shaft "PONZI STYLE".


20-03-2006 20:12:45

plus with the 90 day freepay limit freepay congas will truly SUCK!