Problem with PMs

Live forum:


17-03-2006 13:03:45

Not sure if this is the right forum for it, but when sending PMs, they seem to go into the "Outbox" instead of the "Sentbox"

It seems that they never actually get sent b/c I haven't received replies.

Any ideas?


17-03-2006 13:12:46

"Oubox" means it was sent but they have not read the PM yet. The "Sentbox" is for PMs that have been read by the person.


17-03-2006 13:51:06

ohhh I see, thanks


17-03-2006 16:33:51

Oh man that helps me a lot too. Well I just assumed that outbox was for people who haven't signed on since you PM'ed them. Good to know though it doesn't really make that much difference.