few questions concerning freepay specifically

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16-03-2006 09:53:51

I did read the faqs and tried to use the search before resorting to posting. here are my questions

1. Is it true that freepay automatically sends a generic response the first time you send a support ticket in?

2. My cousin signed up under me and has green on her credit. She is not showing up at all under me. I read this is a common problem. Maybe it's because she used firefox. She sent them a support ticket but got a generic response. Is this a lost cause and I should just find another referral? Or should she send in another support ticket?

3. The FAQs on this site says you can check your status from different computers. However, other places say you cannot. What's the real answer (specially from freepay)? Has this changed?

4. I just started on freebies. Freepay ipods and handbags are my first one. I'm almost done. Now that I've read everything I can (about policy changes and pending lawsuits), I'm scared. My family thinks its a scam and I've never gotten anything free in my life... (hoping my luck will change)... but I'm scared it will turn out to pretty much be a scam. Should I be scared?

I have a bunch more questions but I will wait on them. BTW, I didn't know if I should post this in the newbie section or freepay section??


16-03-2006 10:01:16

1. Well they have been getting kind of weird in their responses. They sometimes have an auto-reply thing and sometimes have a human response. I have always asked for a human response in my message.

2. Yeah it's a lost cause. Freepay doesn't link accounts. I always make sure my referrals do it in Internet Explorer and I always have them tell me what email they used to sign up so I can confirm if they're on my list.

3. You can check your account from different computers, just don't sign up under yourself if you checked your account from that computer.

4. If you follow the rules and you complete all of the requirements there's not reason to be scared. You'll be fine. )


16-03-2006 10:19:58

thanks for the response. i'm scared that it will turn out to be a scam. i did this other site and i'm having a feeling they will scam me (turns out they are a company under i-deal). i know freepays been around for a while... but you never know when they suddenly change on you huh?

i read all their terms and i did follow all the rules, so that's not my concern.

so, you actually write in your support ticket, "please give me a response from a real person"??