problem on some threads?

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16-03-2006 09:36:27

Hi, first off, I'm new. I am some questions but I'm going to post two different thread... because I think I should bring to your attention a problem with some of the faqs thread.

There seems to be a problem with the thread above that says "FAQ -- read before posting...". When I click on it, I can see briefly that there's about 5 other links (one being "how to search"). However, before I can click on them, it transfers me to the actually FAQ (from main page) link.

Also, I tried to read the "How to Search". I found it through another way. However, something is wrong with the thread. There's just a bunch of little boxes with x in them. Can someone look into that?



16-03-2006 09:44:43

Hope this[=http//]this helps.


16-03-2006 09:59:01

thanks for the quick response. yes, i got the faqs earlier and read it too. what i was asking is

when i click on "how to search" on the far right of that thread, it goes to a page with a bunch of x.

the thread above that says "faq- read this first..." ... i was just saying that it redirects you from the original post (which had some links on it... redirects too fast for me to read it)... not sure if this is intentional or a glitch.


16-03-2006 11:43:59

Ohh, if its what I am thinking of..then yes its intentional.

Not sure if it is though...


16-03-2006 12:40:00

Actually the little X's are supposed to be pictures, but the person who was hosting them has either taken them down or exceeded their bandwidth or something similar.

It was more of a toungue-in-cheek thread anyway, supposed to help and show peplehow to search but also making it plainly obvious how to do something that is generally considered plainly obvious.