can my referrals use my credit card?

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15-03-2006 06:44:13

Hi Guys

I need to know if my referrals can use my credit card? If yes, can they use the smae one I used? If no can they use a different one than I used, but one that is still in my name?



15-03-2006 06:44:44

No, No and No.


15-03-2006 07:23:00

Just tell them to get a prepaid/debit card from a gas station or some mall outlet.

unknown uchiha

15-03-2006 08:55:03

Wait, I thought that was OK. I recall Jake saying something about this way back that it was okay to lend your CC to a friend to do an offer?


15-03-2006 10:39:23

I thought FreePay didn't store our CC info?

(No I haven't been lending my credit card out)


15-03-2006 11:53:40

Most of these offers' accounts are tied to the credit card they are started with. If your friend uses the card, chances are he can't even do the offer, much less be credited by it.

unknown uchiha

15-03-2006 14:03:38

Oh, I see. Well, one of my friends used my card before and it credited properly so yeah.


15-03-2006 14:29:35


Either he slipped through the cracks, or has bad news coming. You may both have.


15-03-2006 16:42:03

What doylnea said


16-03-2006 15:55:33

jake said before that it was fine for freepay, as long as the offer company is find if they used the same card for the same offer


19-03-2006 10:03:29

WAIT, they got prepaid cards at gas stations. Those 1/2 hour trips to the mall are tough. Please elaborate