file for refund on paypal?

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13-03-2006 23:29:02

Well i was in a trade with Exile and i had a weird feeling about him, but didnt give it much though. Instead of sending him all $125 for the 5 sites we agreed on, i told him i will pay once he sign up. He signed up for 2 sites and i paided him $50 because he had higher TR. And just recently i found him in the Scammer section.

If i were to get my refund back with paypal, how would i go about it? is it 100% chance i will get it back? since it was for a service....
i gave him a 1 day timeframe before i file for a refund.


14-03-2006 09:51:57

If you sent money as service you wont receive any refund. Paypal may seize his monies if enough people complain. That doesnt do you any good though, just makes paypal richer.


14-03-2006 10:25:37

what if i sent it as Quasi-cash??


14-03-2006 10:44:10

[quoteda3bedcadb="Supacold"]what if i sent it as Quasi-cash??[/quoteda3bedcadb]

same thing.

Paypal only covers tangible items. Items that can be shipped and have tracking #s.


14-03-2006 14:48:21

Yep, Always send money for refs as Goods-Other that way if you need to get the money back your pretty much guaranteed to get it back.

Sorry to hear you got scammed you could send a request for funds to him. But even thene he will probably ignore it.


14-03-2006 14:51:32

man i got scammed by the same guy.... this sucks...


16-03-2006 09:43:15


Step 2 - Seller responds to claim (10 days)
The seller has 10 days to respond to the buyer's claim. PayPal will notify the buyer when the seller has responded. If the seller chooses not to respond, the buyer's claim will be granted.

Please keep in mind that active participation is essential to the claims process. Prompt communication helps us manage claims efficiently and fairly.[/quote8a8e875d1e]

I am hoping he will ignore it D