hi all

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12-03-2006 07:51:08

Hi peeps

i'm in need of help with how to get 10 referrals

i signed up for the free xbox 360 with freepay in the UK and have managed so far to only get 4 referrals (

I've asked friends and posted it on a forum i'm a regular on but they all think it's a big scam and won't do any of the offers

Just wondered what you think the best way to get referrals is




12-03-2006 07:54:31

Go over in the Trading post forum and try your luck there.


12-03-2006 08:05:03

how would it work if i was to offer a trade for a referral for them? as most people here seem to be based in the US or Canada and i'm from the UK

does that mean i would have to trade some other way?


12-03-2006 14:09:24

I think some, if not most, of the Freepay sites are open to residents of the UK. If you can find out which ones, then those are the ones you can trade for.

Also, FreebieFreebie is open to quite a few countries so you could try that also.

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