how long is rhapsody taking now?

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09-03-2006 18:18:42

For like 2 months my xbox 360 account was put on hold on freepay, after bugging them for 2 months itwas finally taken off of hold and i only needed to get one more person to sign up. so i had a friend do rhapsody about a week ago because it was an "instant offer" its been about a week now, HOW LONG DOES RHAPSODY REALLY TAKE.


10-03-2006 11:25:44

just pay for the 1month, it's not that bad.

they have a webbased interface so you can listen to your music wherever, which is pretty nice.


10-03-2006 14:37:54

Real Rhasody was good for me, but i don't know how long it credits, with this new policy, it cutting my balls off to finish, so they could be slow on credit (


10-03-2006 15:34:06

my problem isnt about paying for the service, my friend did the offer, i just want his offer to hurry up and go through so i can finally submit for approval on my xbox account. i started the thing in august and in december it was put on hold and i finally got it taken off of hold so i had a friend sign up and complete an offer and now its taking so long for his "instant" credit to go through. arrg