bmg offer

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09-03-2006 05:49:29

so i figured i would do the bmg cd offer last night.
anyone know how long until they send u a confirmation?
thanks )


09-03-2006 06:23:58

it took a few days at least for the DVD site


09-03-2006 14:01:55

thanks )


09-03-2006 16:39:23

Ohh god.

They have decent prices and all, but beware of their featured selections..

They sent me those for months w/out me asking for them...I called and told them I don't want they told me to ship them back...I told them to pay and they said that I I ended up with a bunch of cd's I don't want and a bill I'm not gonna pay.

So you have been warned!


09-03-2006 20:58:12

umm....bmg says right in their terms of service that they pay to ship them back. Also, if you get a featured selection (ie a cd comes and you didnt order it) just right "refused-return to sender" on the package and put it back in your mailbox. If you open it, and it turns out to be a featured selection you dont want, email the customer service and theyll send you a prepaid shipping label to send it back.

I love bmg, its too bad that you had a bad experience with them.