how do i stop the little orange fist in the new IE beta?

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08-03-2006 17:46:33

so i am trying to sign up with the new IE beta. When I click on the offer at freepay I get the popup and then the orange fist comes out - I lithinkli this is blocking the cookie. I have accept all cookies selected, I have no more restricted sites, I have security at low, I have active addons or spyware blockers that I am aware of...any ideas? do i have something to worry about. after my last 2 manual credits I do not want to have to do it again


08-03-2006 17:47:29

That sounds like Earthlink..


08-03-2006 18:32:42

yep, u are the man, thanks


08-03-2006 18:33:04

+ karma