How long do you wait on a trade before realizing scammed?

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08-03-2006 09:57:41

I did 2 trades 10+ days ago. I went green within a day or so for both traders. One of the traders had a friend sign up for my site, but is still yellow and no updates. The other trader never signed up for my site, doesn't respond to PMs, and requested deletion in the trade module! ( So I'm wondering what the time frame is before you can conclude that you were scammed? Because Freepay now only gives you a short amount of time to complete the site, I'm really concerned. I'm afraid to do any more trades because I'm new until I get credit. The traders I traded with had +8 and +40 tradelines, so I thought I'd be safe with them.


08-03-2006 11:12:09

I'd stay in close contact with the one that is yellow. Have him submit a missing credit support ticket if he still isn't green after 15 business days.

Please PM me with the name of user requesting deletion.