Using Simon Debit Cards

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05-03-2006 20:11:23

I was just wondering if anyone know if you can use a simon prepaid debit card in freepay sites. Here is a link to the simon debit card http//[]http//


05-03-2006 20:18:53

Some offers will let you use them, others won't. It all depends on the offer, not the site.


07-03-2006 20:13:37

after u register ur card on their site w/ ur name , address, etc. U can use it on pretty much anything. ive done tons of dif shit, and haven't had a problem.


09-03-2006 12:14:01

it doesnt work on freebidding, ultraburn pm, poker expert, and some others


09-03-2006 12:25:13

i think overall using that is a good plan, helps reduce fraud and any kind of theft. if i like to keep any of the offers i try i just switch them to my real cc seems to work out pretty well. although i have nevered used a simon card in particular i may try it eventually.


11-03-2006 11:09:33

[quotef082209795="toiletpaper55"]it doesnt work on freebidding, ultraburn pm, poker expert, and some others[/quotef082209795]

ive used it for all of the above, i havent tried poker expert tho. Did u register urs. Hmmm...


11-03-2006 19:27:49

one of my friends used it for ultraburn in dec but when i recently tried to get another friend w/ a simon card to do it, it didnt go through, it says that the card is not valid or the cvc number is wrong.....i dont know

and yeah it was registered b/c i ordered it off the internet


11-03-2006 23:23:10

Ive done it on Poker expert many a time. I have also used a prepaid simon giftcard on instant cast, psychics4free, shopping4money, cruising4cash, video professor, complete home, AOL, AOL Music now and a buncha other sites. However, I still cancel all offers just to be on the safe side.