help w textpayme

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05-03-2006 11:09:36

i need to know how to send the money from one account to another. this is pretty confusing...


05-03-2006 11:16:53

first type "pay", then type in the amount you want to send (lets say $3) and then the phone number or the user's s/n (let's say 234-567-8901)

so it would look like this

[b4c8b5f7483]pay 3 2345678901[/b4c8b5f7483]

that would send $3 to the account with the number 234-567-8901 and then I took this from their site...
[quote4c8b5f7483]After sending the message, you will immediately receive a confirmation phone call. Just enter your PIN when prompted and the payment will be sent. You will both receive a confirmation message after you confirm the payment.[/quote4c8b5f7483]
hope that helps....