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wild musings

05-03-2006 05:29:05

First post here...hi guys! wink

I have a question. I don't have a credit card (and I don't plan to get one) and was wondering if I could give someone money through paypal to do the offers for me. Is that even possible? Thanks.


05-03-2006 05:37:34

even if it allowed for someone 2 do that, y would someone do that when they can just get one for themselves? besides they'll run the risk of getting THEIR account on hold...

wild musings

05-03-2006 05:55:39

I am asking if it's allowed. It's just a question ) What are you, following me around now?


05-03-2006 06:14:36

Two sugestions for you, as thats not gonna happen.

First off, some offers will let you use a virtual card from Paypal.

If they don't, setup an Epassporte account and load it with money via paypal and do the offers that way.

Good luck and welcome to the freebie comminuty.

Also, please read the rules here[=http//]here.

wild musings

05-03-2006 06:17:15

Thanks for helping. I already read the rules. BTW, I thought paypal only allows you to use a virtual card if you have a debit card (?)


05-03-2006 06:22:31

True, so seens how you don't have it on a card, then you will need to go the Epassporte route.

And by the looks of your posts, it doesn't seem that you read the rules.

wild musings

05-03-2006 07:48:06

Thanks for your help. And, I'm still learning, give me some time!


05-03-2006 10:10:03

why not get a credit card? if u are old enough as long as you pay off your balances having a credit card is a great way to build your credit history


05-03-2006 10:16:37

You could just go to a gas station or a mall outlet and pick up a prepaid card.


05-03-2006 13:24:16

[quoteed254edf53="wild musings"]Thanks for your help. And, I'm still learning, give me some time![/quoteed254edf53]

don't worry, people will never be nice to you, just the way this forum works, everyone is basically an asshole if you make one mistake ?

except ghondi is cool


05-03-2006 15:40:40

Damn skippy I'm kool.

I just don't feel like seeing another new person get flamed to high hell.