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04-03-2006 21:44:08

i need the number/site 2 cancel the account.

also 1 for would help. thanks.


04-03-2006 21:48:59

[quote05a48bfabe]8 ) Please respect the offer companies. Do not post specific cancellation information (eg. phone numbers), or post asking for them. [/quote05a48bfabe]

normally id say something rude here.. but since you're from jc, ill refrain. what HS do you go to


04-03-2006 21:50:46

oops, another rule broken w.o even noticing it. i actually go 2 high tech high school in north bergen , but i live in JC, wat about u?


04-03-2006 21:52:49

cool. my hometown is bayonne.. closest board member to me ive seen here yet.


04-03-2006 21:56:12

yeah im surpised i found someone that close.


05-03-2006 11:19:59

Just take a visit to this site...

they might have what you need, they usually have a bunch of numbers for the offers as well as plenty of reviews...


06-03-2006 02:21:32

Totally off topic but I'm from West New York. So that makes 3 Hudson County FiG members. Its a small world eh?