Earthlink offer?

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04-03-2006 21:03:43


I'm wondering about the Earthlink offer on certain sites. How much does the dial-up offer cost? Is it just $9.95? And isn't there a promo code where I can get it for free?


05-03-2006 00:00:07

It's 9.95 for the first month. No contract. I think if u use a promo code, it wont count as an offer u completed.


05-03-2006 06:52:49

If i had earthlink about 6 months ago can i still complete the offer?


05-03-2006 10:37:06

it depends on the site - with some sites u can use a promo code, others you cant. you can use a promo code on rewardbull

as for if u had it 6 months ago...i am not sure. if u did not get it thru a free site maybe, but i would check with the place where u might sign up and explain why you would want another trial...