Completing Offers

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03-03-2006 05:00:02

I'm looking at the available offers on a certain site right now and some of them state "FREE, NO HIDDEN FEES!" and what not. Is this actually true? I just do whatever without charge and I have a green to start my referalls?

Please let me know, thanks )


03-03-2006 06:46:59

It depends on the offer, it could just be a free trial. After you try it for one month, they might bill you $50 or whatnot.


03-03-2006 06:48:51

Hmmm... Okay, thanks for the reply.

What would you normally complete and how much is the lowest? (on average)


05-03-2006 11:22:06

try out this site...

they will have what you need...


05-03-2006 11:44:12

[quote92c515ce98="AbSoLuT_xXxEr0"]try out this site...

they will have what you need...[/quote92c515ce98]