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02-03-2006 14:08:43

Hello. I've been wondering some time now if there's anyway to delete a certian color from an image in photoshop, or delete a backround, etc....I have this image
arrow Link[=http//]Link

and wanted to know if it's possible to get the cars alone without the BS backround. I've searched for tutorials but can't find how to do it and just using the magic wand doesn't work either.....

on another note, is there anyway to "erase" one color from a photo? Can't find that anywhere either (


02-03-2006 15:29:24

i think magic eraser tool erases certain areas of color.

or you can try using magnetic lasso tool or polygonal lasso tool to just select the car and inverse the selection to select background and delete it. good luck!


02-03-2006 15:32:21

there is a background eraser tool if you click and hold the eraser button in the tool bar other options will show up. i have photoshop cs, i'm not sure if maybe some of these options aren't available in other versions.

normally i just lasso and erase; it's more precise.