question about the PS3

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24-02-2006 13:12:57

i was wondering...
1-do the free sites send a PS3 at the time of it's release, or do they send you an amount of money to BUY a PS3 whenever you want?

2-do i have a choice between those two options?

3-how much will one go for on ebay(personal opinion)?

i ask the 3rd question because i'm an xbox man and i'd like to get the extra cash to pay for my college tuition for next semester.

anyone's help is appreciated.


24-02-2006 13:16:54

Well if you do it through trainn you can get the money NOW! If you want a link pm me!


25-02-2006 13:18:09

1. it depends on the site. some offer paypal as the reward instead of the ps3 (trainn). Others, like freepay, are offering a ps3 as the reward. others can tell u specifics about experiences with the 360 but likely the shipments will be delayed 3-4 months after the initial release.
2. on some sites, see above
3. no one knows. the cost at release still is not known...


26-02-2006 08:51:19

if some sites give u payment through a paypal account, i was wondering if i could transfer that payment from the paypal accout to my savings account or checking account.

i don't actually HAVE a paypal account right now, but if that's how they handle things, i guess i should look into signing up for one.

unknown uchiha

26-02-2006 12:18:42

Yes you can, you have to verify that it's yours though through a verification process. Paypal explains it all too =)