which is better?

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23-02-2006 09:25:46

is freepay (ps3.freepay.com) or yourps34free.com better?

what company runs the yourps34free.com? i can't get to like a home webpage with them (like freepay for the other one). which one is the one you say gets lots of DQ's? Did one of them get their 360s faster when they came out?


23-02-2006 09:40:21

yourps34free.com is a Trainn (Transcendent Innovations) site.


23-02-2006 09:53:22

They are both top sites. Freepay has seemed to have trouble when it comes to shipping systems that just came out. Trainn got 360's whenever they could. I still recommend both off them as I know you would get your gift


23-02-2006 11:34:25

trainn.org if you are still looking for a main page to yourps34free.com....and like gregcool said, both are top sites and basically equal in quality....


23-02-2006 12:53:55

Do them both =] Get 2 x ps3s