have you guys tried...

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22-02-2006 15:46:17

..to call the certain company you're missing a credit from, and asking them as to why you didn't get credited? I mean if you're unsatisfied with their services, when you honestly just tried their offer...


22-02-2006 15:54:31

"Hey Video Professor, why didn't Freepay give me credit?"



22-02-2006 15:55:14

[quotefb24ff2158="CollidgeGraduit"]"Hey Video Professor, why didn't Freepay give me credit?"




22-02-2006 16:39:57

well they wouldn't be totally clueless..I mean if we were to ask trainn to give us our missing credit, wouldn't they just end up asking the company themselves?


22-02-2006 16:46:21

You think FreePay contacts the lowly tier 1 support staff?


22-02-2006 18:10:24

It says somewhere on the site not to contact the offer, but to contact them.

And there's a reason for that, and that reason is mentioned above.


22-02-2006 18:13:20

wouldnt help one iota, since freepay, traiin etc arent direct affiliates with the company. Most use sites like metarewards as middlemen. So all "video professor" knows is what they sent metarewards.

Also most times credits arent received have nothing to do with the parent company. Since you got charged, received product, etc

Generally what happens is a hicup in the referral system. Just take it as bad luck, lower your security level and do another offer.