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22-02-2006 09:28:19

Hey guys, I've almost got my free PSP from http//

So far I've signed up for a few offers and have spent a grand total of $2, and have done 4/6 offers necesary ^^

However, for the last two you must choose 2 out of

-2 Discover card offers
-Earthlink Dialup($9.95)
-Earthlink HiSpeed($19.95)
-The South Beach Diet Online($65 but if you cancel within a month you get $45 back)
-Direct TV

I live at a college dorm so DirectTV is out of the picture. I would also prefer not to sigh up for credit card offers because I know very little about them, and they also seem like a long process to get credit. This leaves me with Earthlink the the South Beach Diet.

Earthlink Dialup is pretty much a lock for one option because I hear from RTO that they are very fast for crediting and don't try to push you stay on, and its an inexpensive offer.

For the last one I was thinking about the South Beach Diet, but I can't find anything about them on RTO. Anyone here have any advice?



23-02-2006 12:55:35

Its fine. A lot of people do it and get credit in a timely manner. Also it's probably the next cheapest offer to complete (after refunds).

I never do credit card offers, seems like it could mess up with your credit rating.


23-02-2006 13:26:24

I decided to do the South Beach Diet, some other people on another forum said it was good as well. I got credited within 12 hours, only problem now is that before I was credited, I resubmitted my e-mail and now they credited it to the new account .

So now I have 1 account at 5/6 complete and one at 1/6 complete... cry


23-02-2006 13:58:04

Just call them and have it switched over, they did that for me.