New to this.. looking for trades and information. PLEASELOOK

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21-02-2006 12:18:48

hey whats up guys,

new to this.. looks pretty good just have a few questions like how long it would usually take for you to get your referals and recieve your freebie? a few weeks? months? anyways i havent signed up for anything yet. Can someone please PM me or talk to me on AIM so I can get a real feel for how the whole process. Then work out a trade?
SN- hardknockerr

please feel free to talk to me.. im not here to fool around stricktly business )

Thanks much,
Justin D D


21-02-2006 12:47:45

Welcome, but you should post this in the help section my friend....ill help you over there, or if you like pm me and ill help you out....
well, since CG moved this now (thx btw) ill could take anywhere from two weeks to a year to finish any site....the usual i'd say is about a month to a month and a all depends on if you can get good refs who actually try to finish the site fast and how you are about doing your side of the trades or how fast you can complete your offers, things like me and ill give you your first trade and help you through it if you want wink ....


21-02-2006 12:53:27

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