could i wait for them..and then complete?

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20-02-2006 20:51:01

just wondering...
1-i sign up for a site
2-i refer 5 friends
3-they complete one offer each

do i have to complete an offer b4 i have them complete an offer, or could i wait for them, and THEN complete an offer so i KNOW i'll be all set with my friends going green when i'm done fulfilling an offer?

will i still get credit for the referrals if they do the offers 1st?
or will i be screwed?

anyone who wants to help please be my guest.


20-02-2006 20:55:33

Yeah you can wait for as long as you like before doing your offer and you can refer as many people as you like before doing your offer also.


20-02-2006 21:24:38

would there be any delay or is this a smarter way to do this type of deal...i mean like isn't it easier to just wait for 5 people to do the offers and then worry about urself?
thanx for the help man!


20-02-2006 22:03:39

Yeah it probably is smarter especially if you are unsure if you're unsure if your refs will complete their offers or not.

There's no delay, you can have all your refs signed up and green (offers completed) for 4 months and then decide to do your own offer if you like.

Have a read through the FAQ at the top of this forum, it answers this questions as well as others. D