I might have a problem

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19-02-2006 22:41:54

My comp got messed up so i switched back to my old one and all the sites i was signed for were on my comp so i was wondering if i will still be able to an offer for the site that i signed up for on my comp on my old comp


19-02-2006 22:50:03

lol, no problens at all. As long as you sign in first.

Only problem will be if your using a tsr80 or a apple IIe for some reason they dont work well with cookies, lol


20-02-2006 20:18:26

So it wouldnt be like signing in at a different household if its a different comp in the same household?


20-02-2006 20:37:39

Same household = Same IP (Most of the time). You shouldn't have a problem.