I have no credit while my ref does....?

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19-02-2006 15:41:39

my friend just completed the true offer for me and under his status, it says that he has completed and he has a green, but when i check my referrals, he hasnt gone green yet....anyone know what to do? or had this problem before?


19-02-2006 15:42:58

i think there may be a delay sometimes. wait til tomorrow or tuesday (holiday)?


05-03-2006 18:11:30

bump.....anyone know what to do? its been a while


05-03-2006 20:30:02

did ur friend already make an account before he followed your link... if he did then u won't get credit for the referal. I learned that the hard way


06-03-2006 11:56:07

no, i see his sign up under my status page and he informed me that on his status page, that hes completed an offer but i dont see his green


06-03-2006 20:34:50

did you contact the site's customer service?


06-03-2006 21:30:54

support ticket


07-03-2006 12:16:13

[quote364cac017b="akalic"]support ticket[/quote364cac017b]

should he send one? b/c he has a green on his account or should I