What is the best strategy for a noob who just wants a ipod?

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19-02-2006 13:03:04

See, I'm a "fresh" noob, I haven't ever even signed up for any sites at all yet. I want an iPod, BUT I realize that those are some of the hardest sites to trade for, since everybody's done them already. Not only that, I want to avoid any kind of OOD or anything that I'd have to actually invest any real cash in.
So I was wondering, would it be wiser to pursue some less "well traveled" offer (a nice digi camera? something like that?) so that I could plan on selling the item once I get it and using the cash to pay for an ipod?

If you were in my position (ie just starting out, never having filled out any offers but wanting an ipod), how would you go about doing this?


19-02-2006 13:10:59

I'd do flashipods4free or yourfreevideoipods or something.


19-02-2006 14:32:37

You probably want to stay away from OC in general, because they always have OOD, but if you went for something like FreePay GiftCards, you might have a shot. You'll get a $300 giftcard for 5 referrals, and it's a newer site so referrals should be fairly easy.


19-02-2006 14:50:54

premium ipods shouldn't be that bad either if your new and can do all the freepay sites