Question about Referrals & Freepay

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19-02-2006 00:03:14

I've mostly done DIY sites in the past, but thought I would try a Conga line for a freepay site. It was on a different site before I found this site, which looks great! )

I signed up through one of the top people on the Conga line's link and completed an offer. Well, I kept checking to see if it went green for her and it didn't. Finally after about a week, my freepay account says, "Congratulations, you completed an offer." This is giftcards at The person I signed up under never received any credit. I put in a support ticket to see what was going on and they said that I didn't sign up through that person's referral link. But I know I did. I never visited that freepay site before and just clicked on the link in the Conga post. So I was kind of upset because I've been cheated by a couple of the DIY sites and figured that it was happening again. So I was mad that I wasted an offer and didn't get in on the Conga line. I still don't quite understand why she didn't get credit and it makes me worried in the future if I attempt to do any trades that it may happen again. The only thing that I can think of is that the freepay site malfunctioned or the referral ID was a typo in the Conga line link.

I'm really new to these referral sites, I've never done one before and I'm kind of confused on something. They did give me credit for doing the offer, but not the person that I was referred by. If she had gotten credit, would I have had to do another offer myself? I'm not sure if I'm explaining this correctly. At first I thought that I wasted an offer, but seeing I got credit for the offer myself and now need to get 5 referrals, maybe I really didn't do an offer for nothing. If she would have gotten the referral, would I have had to get 5 referrals and do another offer for myself?


19-02-2006 14:56:10

1. If you sign up under someone and they get credit that counts as the offer you need to do as well you don't need to do another

2. Congas usually suck as you almost never get all your refs unless ur in the first 3-4 to sign up

3. For all freepay sites no matter what you only have to sign up for one offer yourself + however many refferals you need

hope this answers all your questions if not jsut repost what I missed