Problem with Emails

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18-02-2006 15:21:38

I used my hotmail account to sign up for two offers and I didn't get any conformation emails from the sites. I know that at least one of them is supposed to provide an email.

Is this die to the fact that I'm using hotmail? I signed up for Gmail is that generally better?

Also can I still get credit for the offer if I didn't get an email?


18-02-2006 15:28:42

Generally if you don't get credit and don't have a confirmation e-mail then the site you did it for won't give you credit without proof.

Try contacting the company who own the offer you did and ask for them to resend a confirmation e-mail.


18-02-2006 15:39:22

Ya i know that i need the email if it's not credited automatically, but if I don't get an email does it mean that I will not get an automatic credit for it?

There's still time for the offer to go green.


18-02-2006 16:00:05

Not necessarily. If it's been more than the amount of time it said it would take to credit (i.e if when you clicked the offer it said it would take 2-3 days to credit) then I'd say chances are that you won't get credit for it.

Which offer was it?


18-02-2006 16:46:40

It was the freebidding offer


19-02-2006 08:40:42

I got credit for it today, so It worked out fine even with no emails )

Yay my first green