another noob question

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17-02-2006 16:56:49

are there any sites where it is known that a referral at x is worth more than y? for example at x all the offers will cost you lots of sign up cash to evaluate the program, whereas at y to get the trial offers and evaluate the offer it isnt as $$
lemme know if this kind of talk is not right for the forum )


17-02-2006 18:07:10

Basically, if I understand your question correctly, you can basically gauge how hard the offers for a site are by looking at the required number of refs. I site that offers a Nano for 3 refs has a lot harder offers than the sites that offer the same one for 5 or 6 refs. Hopefully that helps. D


17-02-2006 20:17:21

yeah that was what I was thinking too. thanks )